Effective contract management is the need of every corporate entity

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Makes Contract Collaboration and Compliance Easier - Say goodbye to misplaced and mismanaged paper contracts, and to the risks associated with them. “my-Contracts” provides you a complete end to end solution right from generation of contract request and negotiating the terms of contract, till timely renewal and audit.

my-Contracts is of utmost benefit to an organization as its functionality has been synchronized in the best manner in terms of deliverables for Legal, Purchase, Finance, Internal Control & Audit team. It is a complete system driven & user friendly solution that shows the complete snapshot of each contract without reading the entire document; intelligently highlights process lapses, time lapses & action lapses within the system; reminds users of payment & expiry dates; generates reports based on various parameters and gives a graphical overview of the contracts based on its status.

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One-click Contract Creation

Create contracts with single click through standard template

End-to-End Solution

Manage contract at each stage of Contract lifecycle

Efficient Collaboration

Work quickly and efficiently via a platform

Approval Workflow

Circulate your contracts, amendments electronically and know where the contracts are

Online negotiation & collaboration

Review terms of contract online, simultaneously by multiple users

Import Comments

Import all comments for finalization of Contract

Centralized Repository

Secure electronic storage & easy track

Clause Library

Centralized storage of approved legal language

Competitive Bidding

Enhanced transparency through competitve bidding

Vendors Due-Diligence

Aid in vendor selection through due diligence mechanism

Review Checklist

Effective process control through review checklist mechanism


Effective reporting with various reports

Identify Contract

Segregation of regular & confidential contracts

Contract Linking

Link related contracts and amendments

Microsoft Word Integration

Create and Manage within the word editor

Renewal Management

Reduce risk through timely renewal of contract

Process Lapse Report

System automatically identifies process lapse in the system

Contract Audit Report

Identify concerns and gaps through contract audit

Contract Template Library

Central repository of standard templates

Integrated Enforcement

Ensure Compliance with contract terms on Payment

Best way to manage your contracts

Get out of the Contract weeds and become a strategic player in the organization by centralizing all your contract at one place and access it anytime from anywhere. Improve contract performance, increase contract security and standardize the process for routine contracts so you can focus on critical and high valued contracts.