Build Paperless Board Room

In today's increasingly global dynamic business environment and complex documents of Board, company secretaries are burdened to provide Directors easy and effective ways to provide information on their finger tips. Board Books is a collaborative software that aids board of directors to securely access paper less board documents and collaborate with other board members electronically. Paperless meetings helps cut not only cost but also provides a better and advanced way to present board documents in an organised and concise manner.

How can Board Books help company secretaries ?

Very Simple and easy to use software to manage meetings

Board books provides end to end system driven solution, right from the planning stage of Board, commiittee or General meeting ending with duly drafted minutes to your desk ensuring your company achieves best corporate governance practice. It also ensures to generate and follow up on “Action Taken Report” for each meeting.Board Books provides a single platform online for reviewing and finalising Board documents and ensures to update on real time basis even the last minute changes saving hours of time which turns into big financial saving as well.

Distribute easily Board documents with security

A powerful secured tool to distribute Board Documents

Board documents are most important documents for any organisation which bears most sensitive information which is to be distributed with speed and security. Board Books provides a online platform which transmit data through a highly secured 128 bit encrption with an option to the company for on premise hosting or cloud hosting. Our iOS & android apps provides finger print ID and pass code authentication to make Board documents secure and easy to access.

On Boarding service

Get your first agenda moving into Board Books, at your choice of time and place for free training sessions to both Directors and company secretaries.

24/7/365 Support

We are happy to help you any time and any day in a year.


We are continuosly advancing Board Books to enhance user expereince. Get regular updates on Board Books with easy implemetation.


  • For Company Secretaries
  • For Directors

Best Security for your Board Documents

Information is key for a successful business. The Board documents carries most critical business secrets and sensitive information which requires great security and confidentiality with ease of access to Directors and company secretaries.

Your Choice of Hosting

You have the option to host the application at your premises to ensure safety and security of data or with our server.

Secure IOS & Android Application

The tablet application will be secured by 128 bit encryption.

Authentication & Control

Fingerprint ID or pass code authentication to access board documents.