License Management Software centralizes all your licensing data and streamlines all tracking activities, so you can ensure year-round audit preparedness and peace of mind. It maintains all of your license requirements and their associated renewals and expiry dates within one centralized system accesible across the Organinsation at anytime and from anywhere. Get your Organisation 100% compliant with digital management of your statutory licenses. my-Licenses is very simple though advanced license management software that allows you to organise your licenses in a very effective manner with underlying philosophy of Go Digital. Go Global.

Manage all your License in Digital way:

Paper documents, email trails, spreadsheets are familiar tools for running business, but they can be time consuming not only to manage your License, but also for its renewals and tracking, which can be a challenging task. my-Licenses platform helps the regulatory team work faster, smarter and more efficiently with visibility and insights into the License. It effectively mitigates risk by tracking license for each department of the Organisation and ensures compliance with conditions of License with fixation of responsibility with concerned stakeholder. It provides powerful search facilities, that enables you to find any License with just a click of button.

Here’s a quick 10 check-list for your Organisation pertaining to Licenses:
1. Do you have copy of all Government LICENSES at one place?
2. Do you know at your finger-tip, when your critical license is going to expire?
3. Do you know, which all licenses are required for your Company?
4. Do you have analytics for all your licenses?
5. Is your regulatory department ready for License Audit by Statutory Auditors of your Company?
6. Do you have Dashboard for all your Licenses for management overview?
7. Do you know, where is physical copy of all the Company Licenses are stored?
8. Are you able to link two related licenses for effective collaboration?
9. Is the responsibility fixed for each type of License within your Organisation?
10. Are you able to track License Obligation, if its fulfilled or not?

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Why my-Licenses?

Keep all your Licenses safe and secure.


my-Licenses offers a set of features thoughtfully designed around the needs of your Organisation, which helps your regulatory team work faster, smarter and more efficiently with visibility and insights to License. It effectively manages risk and ensures statutory compliance as required under each Licenses.

Informative Dashboard

Get analytics of all License for the management overview

Centralised Repository

Secure electronic storage and easy track anytime & anywhere

Renewal Management

Reduced risk through timely renewal of License

Reminders & Alerts

Get email & mobile Alerts for License Renewal & Lincese Obligations

Link related License

Link related Licenses and renewals thereof

Reporting Tools

Get system generated monthly reports for all License of your Organisation

License Audit Report

Get License Audit Report readiness for Statutory Auditors

Escalation Matrix

System escalates, if license renewal is not done on time

Central Search Engine

Seach any license with just a click of button and details thereof

License History

Track entire history of License right from initiation till renewals thereof

Mapping License Obligation

Map statutory obligation against each license and fixup responsibilty

Physical Copy of the Licenses

Track where is the physical copy of each License is stored and map it in system

Multi-location upload of License

Upload license for all the locations and track

Multi-location Monitoring

Access license with digital management for imemdiate requirement

Compliance Assurance

Fixup the License Obligation with concerned stakeholder

Complete Visibilty

Stay informed about License Obligation throughout its term


Efficient Collaboration

Work quickly and efficiently via a platform

End to End Solution

Manage License at each stage of the License Life-Cycle

Integrated Enforcement

Ensure compliance with License Terms & Conditions

Centralize your licensing data and tracking activities :

Maintain all of your license requirements and their associated renewals and expiry dates within one centralized system accesible across the Organinsation at anytime and from anywhere.

Ensure Licenses are always up to date

Automate email notifications sent to concerned employees and their supervisors and overdule license renewals to ensure employees maintain 100% compliance with their required licenses.

View license status with just a Click

Check the status of the all the licenses as well as requirements that are upcoming and needs to be completed all within one easy, configurable view.

Ensure year round audit preparedness

Maintain record of all the licneses required and possesed at any given time for reporting purpose and to ensure you are prepared for internal and external audits at all times

Avoid regulatory risk, penalties and fines

Eliminate wasted time, resources and money lost through inefficienies in managing your organisations licenses through spreadsheets

Ensure regulatory compliance

Ensure all the concerned employees possess the most upto to datelicense requirements for their roles and avoid costly penalties and fines associated with unlicenses workers on the job.

Intelligent License Management Software:

We are passionate about the success of our Customers, our Employees and our “Intelligent License Management Software”. We believe that growth comes from creating successful customers by meeting and exceeding their expectations. Our easy-to-use License Management Solution coupled with our pursuit for the highest level of customer satisfaction represents compelling value for our customers and inspires pride within us. Our deep set of service offerings and business processes make it exceptionally easy for our customers to do business with us. Our passion remains crucial and drives our team of highly talented individuals in the pursuit for success!