i-Pledge is a training & compliance software that helps an organization to train its employees to re-inforce its core values and bring a behavioral change towards respectful workplace.

It is also an integrated one stop solution for "Policy Management" that helps to create/ review/ renew/ amend the company policies and provides reminders once the policy is due for review or renewal.

i-Pledge imparts online as well as onsite training to employees for the following:

Prevention of Sexual Harassment

Train your employees for prevention of sexual harasement at workflow – Prevention & Redressal. This module provides an intutive online platform to receive training materials and certificaitons online.

Data Privacy & Protection

With ease of use of online platforms data privacy & protection has become an important area for companies to manage and asses risk arising out of the same. Through usage of software it becomes easy for the HR team to disseminate the information across the company with single click application.

Global Anti-Trust & Anti-Corruption

With globsaliation and cross country business the need of anti trust & anti corruption policy adoption and training is required. Thorugh the online system not only employees but every person dealing with company can be trained.

Dawn Raid Policy

Business is always associated with different types of risk and surprise investigations of premises and are usually without warning. Adopting a policy on dawn raids and training the employees is need of hour which can be done online with our training software with ease across the company to each and every employee with certifications.


Intelligent Scheduler

Launch and monitor training in just 3 easy steps. No follow-up

Multi-location access

Off-site / On-site / Classroom training

Dashboard Overview

Check policy and audit report

Escalation Matrix

For training completion within specified timeline

Alerts and Triggers

Reminders for training completion and escalation

i-Pledge Support

24x7 technical support available

Electronic Repository

Centralized library for all policies and S.O.P.

Online and in Person Training

To existing & new employees

Role Based Access

Restricts as per Company Policy

Compliance Week

Awareness Campaign

Management Reporting

Auto reporting on training status (Completion / Pending)

Compliance Certificates

Online tutorial

System Customization

Company specific message and logo


Comprehensive handbook foremployees

Audit and Compliance

Comprehensive audit trail to demonstrate training compliance


Introductory video by MD and non retaliation video by HR head

Robust Video Library

To explain the concepts and engage with employees

Sample Formats

Draft formats ready for download

Updated Legal Content

Recent case laws/ Amendments/ Important nominations


Dos and Don'ts/ Concept Explanation / Helpline No./ Penal consequences

Real time Survey

On sexual harassment incidents / anti-corruption practices